"Alcohol in safe city" first launched  in the Safe Zone for All exhibition at CMU Art Center

November 01-02, 2019

Alcohol in Safe Cily, the 4th interactive drug education board games created by Gang SAA has been launched in the Safe Zone for All exhibition at CMU Art Center.

Click here or the video below to see how to play the game.

The SAFE ZONE FOR ALL Exhibition aims to be an edutainment exhibition as an alternative creative addiction prevention (both drug and behavioral addiction) after the UNGASS 2016 that Thailand reforms its drug prevention policy from penalty to humane and harm reduction. This event gathers 38 prevention partners from lower to upper northern region of Thailand partnering with public agencies (administration, justice, public health, academic sector) and civil society and youth volunteers. There are 17 living exhibitions, 6 seminars, 6 learning activities and educational games, free health check-up, free mental health counseling, and more to enjoy.